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A Message From TRRU Founder & President,
Rebekah Jones

Navigating The New Digital Landscape

The effects of this pandemic have been devastating. The TRRU team feels it intensely upon our community, our industry, and our clients.

While the risk to gather in person is still too great, the desire to connect is more important than ever. That is why TRRU has shifted our priorities to focus on virtual/hybrid events. We are helping our clients connect with their audiences with the look, the feel, the production quality and value of a live event.


Georgia Chamber of Commerce

In today’s ever-changing market, our clients’ success depends on strategic planning as well as superior creativity in design, production management, and budgeting. At TRRU Event Management, we work with our clients From Concept to CREATION to help them envision and execute a successful event that results in maximum impact while maintaining their budget.

TRRU’s financial approach benefits the client. We negotiate and obtain bids with subcontractors who then direct bill the client. By waiving the industry practice of “marking up” services, TRRU helps clients see an average savings of 15-20%

TRRU’s also has multi-year experience adding award-winning sustainability elements to events and festivals. From Concept to CREATIONTRRU’s veteran staff provides all-inclusive preparation through every phase of the event.

Our Services

Georgia Chamber of Commerce

TRRU’s award winning event management combines all facets of event design, management, and production in order to bring you one-stop-shop premium events. Regardless of size or technical difficulty of your event, TRRU is with you From Concept to CREATION to make your event a success


We strive for excellence in everything we do. Over the years, we’ve won many awards.

Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Gold, Best Environmental Program, 2010 – 2012
Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Silver, Best Community Outreach Program for the International Village and Stage, 2011
Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Silver, Best Educational Program for the Atlanta High School Art Exhibition, 2011-2012
Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Bronze, Best Community Outreach Program for the International Village and Stage, 2012
Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Bronze, Best Event within a Festival for the Atlanta High School Art Exhibition, 2011
Atlanta Unites: Gold, Best Full Length TV Program (Local Promotion)
Atlanta Unites: Gold, Best Volunteer Program
Atlanta Unites: Silver, Best Event/Program to Benefit a Charity
Atlanta Unites: Silver, Best Community Outreach Program
ParkFest: Gold, Best New Fundraising Program

Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Best Green Component 2010
Atlanta Dogwood Festival: Best New Event for the International Stage 2010

Best 200 Fine Arts Festivals: Atlanta Dogwood Ranked #35 Nationally in 2012

Atlanta Unites: Best Event on a Shoestring
Georgia’s Finest in Festivals and Events Recognition (GAFFER awards)
Atlanta Unites: Best New Event
Atlanta Unites: Best Fundraising Program
Atlanta Unites: Best Community Event


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